Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poppies and Zucchini

Stephen was napping and I needed a break, so I worked on some fun abstract poppies.

Juxtaposing hot ruby-red against a cool turquoise-blue,...

...makes me smile whenever I open this page in my sketchbook. 

Close-up: I dabbed on some dimensional black fabric paint for the poppy centers. That was delightful.


Making homemade zucchini chips was also delightful.

Kid tested and artist-moms approved.
Thanks Alisa


Ariel said...

Gina, your paintings are wonderful. I saw your guest post at Alisa's and I am also a fellow participant in Junelle's Summer wildflower class.
Love your bright colors and nature inspired paintings.
Your little son is adorable. Love to see him being part of your works.

Kelly Warren said...

love those poppies! and zucchini chips sounds awesome! i'm going to have to try that!

fran pascazio said...

Hey Gina,
I, also, just say your guest post on Alisa's blog and I'm also a participant in Junelle's Wildflower class. These are two of my favorite artists along with Martha Lever. I love your blog and your watercolors are just beautiful. I just registered for Alisa's Summer Sketching class hoping to improve my sketching and watercolor skills. Glad I visited and hope to stop by often. Thank you for sharing....

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