Friday, July 19, 2013

Mixed Media Moon

Oil and water don't mix. And to a mixed media artist, that's a good thing. 

For this little 2" x 3" moon painting (enlarged here for detail), I used a white Crayola crayon as a resist then painted a rich watercolor overlay for the branches and night sky.

Some of the pigment beaded up on the moon, but I like it. 

Speaking of Crayola crayons, what's your favorite color?
I made this reference sheet while my son was coloring next to me. Hey, I'm a kid too! 

Have a great weekend.


Janet O'Connor said...

Gina, your moon series of paintings are wonderful! This one is just so pretty. I really like the way you choose such beautiful color and simple design to create such lovely pieces. Thank you for sharing this! Janet

Shannon Phillips said...


Hindsfeet said...

Hi Gina,

I had to tell you, this is my favorite thing you've done in a long time.....'s absolutely inspired and gorgeous......

thanks for the beauty you bring,

Rose said...

The resist technique worked beautifully! What a rich composition. Love the Crayola chart, too. Who doesn't enjoy a good box of crayons?

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