Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoy My Recent Podcast Interview with DSS!

Hello everyone! If you're arriving here via Instagram or, welcome!
I had the honor of being interviewed by the lovely Patty Palmer for her Art Made Easy Podcast. We talked about art, creativity, my watercolor journey and so much more. I hope our podcast conversation inspires you..

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A heartfelt thank you to Patty and her team! 

Enjoy some behind-the-scenes look around the studio:

Here's a shot right before our podcast recording (Patty lives in Santa Barbara and I'm in Chicago). My laptop had to be propped on a crate and an empty storage bin so that my head wouldn't be chopped off while we Skyped. My craft table is full of joyful things--art supplies, paintings...........and coffee.

Here's a before-photo when I have multiple deadlines. And an after-photo when things become calm again or when I have guests coming over. I struggle with clutter everyday. As a working artist and a mom, I try to keep things real. I do have OCD tendencies (e.g. insatiable need to tidy things in rainbow order), but I think that's just the nurse in me. I love my messy stages, too. 

Patty asked me how I became a watercolor teacher. While I was pursuing my nursing degree in Massachusetts, I led children, youth and adult watercolor workshops as a volunteer at a local Audubon Society nature conservancy. Today, I tribute much my art instructor experience to my 5 year old son. He teaches me how to make any art-making process fun, creative, and approachable. He's an awesome studio helper and an art supply test-driver. :)

I love the light in my new studio. I feel so grateful and giddy and inspired to paint in here. For years prior to owning our first home, I blissfully painted wherever I could--at our condo's dining table back in MA or inside the closet of a spare bedroom (at the last house we rented). My husband always wanted to build me an art studio. And finally, that dream came true.

As you can see below, the prior owners used it as a sitting room, painted in a dark burgundy. 


I wanted to paint the walls a clean, light gray color. It took multiple coats of primer. Sorry the image above is so dark; photo was taken in the early evening.

We ripped out the white carpet and installed thick maple hardwood floors throughout the main floor. In neutral cappuccino brown, of course. Adding recessed lights and a chandelier, pulled everything together.

Here's my husband assembling my Pottery Barn hutch desk back together again.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!

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