Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Studio Tour (Part 2)

Yesterday's studio tour focused on my son's little art corner. Today is about my creative nook. 

Moving the craft table into the closet was the best idea. Ever!

Awesome quote.

Two terrific storage investments that stand next to me as I work: 1) a kitchen cart from IKEA (in turquoise, of course) that holds my everyday scissors/pens/pencils, paper scraps and tape; 2) a scrapbooking cart with multiple drawers that organizes my Gelli plate, stencils, fabric paint, brayers...basically all my printmaking paraphernalia.

Where I store my ink pads, watercolor tubes and more pens.

Thanks for visiting!


Sharon said...

Hi Gina, I follow you blog and love your art!!
I really like your art studio. I have a simular set up. But you have inspired me to change it around some Thank you for sharing.
God Bless!

di from di-did-it said...

Wow - love your creative space! You've done a wonderful job arranging items to meet your needs. I've started an organizing business and one of my target markets is artists/crafters. Thanks for sharing your space with us -- you've given me several ideas :)

Kimmie Miranda said...

Your artwork is breathtaking! I found your blog through your backround youtube video and it was exactly what I was looking for.. a demonstration on wet on wet wash background using bright colors. What really caught my eye here is the type of art you paint and how you utilize color. I just began painting a few months ago and I've spent countless hours sifting through videos struggling to find the kind of artist that paints things that I would buy and enjoy, for inspiration and guidance. Your use of color is so inspiring as well as the things you like and choose to paint. I only wish you did more tutorials. I think you did a wonderful job with your art space and your friends is right.. it isn't just eye candy.. it IS craft porn!! I laughed so hard.. that is hilarious!! lol Here is hoping you decide to do a few more tutorial videos but until then.. keep inspiring others and not just with your art, but your ocd inspired studio!! That kind of ocd is a talent =) Happy painting! ~KD

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