Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My NEW Art Journaling Workshop with 21 SECRETS - Fall 2015 Registration Starts Today!!!

Exciting announcement!!!

I'm so happy to share that I'll be one of the 21 SECRETS Workshop Instructors for Fall 2015!!! This is tremendous news and a huge honor! I'm so glad I don't have to keep it hidden any longer. :)

Early bird registration starts now---> CLICK HERE

What is 21 SECRETS?

21 SECRETS is a mega art journaling workshop with instant, unlimited access to 21 different teachers. It's like having a team of talented artists right there beside you, eager to share their knowledge. As a super downloadable eBook, there are over 25 hours of videos and 150+ pages full of color photos, templates, and detailed instructions. 21 SECRETS was designed to help students discover new techniques and bold approaches to art making (from beginners to seasoned artists) for anyone who’s looking to energize their creativity at their own pace.

There's a huge incentive for those who enroll early---> CLICK HERE

What specifically will I be teaching?

The title of my watercolor workshop is: "Spirit Taking Form". Below are some workshop photos & a course description:

Making art is a dynamic form of keeping a spiritual practice. One of the most beautiful aspects of watercolor is how welcoming and accessible it is. Who knew that simply swirling pigments with water would cultivate a deeper, inward journey of creativity, imagination, and playfulness. The power of entering this magical state (aka flow) is within every one of us.

In this workshop, I will guide you through what I call the six stages of creating a watercolor painting—Courage, Curiosity, Compassion, Connection, Completion, and Contemplation.

Each step contains a specific watercolor technique, embracing a universal philosophy. So whether you’re painting in your studio or navigating the outside world, it is all a sacred act. If you'd like to create with more intuition, emotion and expressiveness, then this is the class for you. We will be incorporating beautiful mixed-media with watercolors like gouache, collage, foil, marker, stencil, oil pastel.....just to name a few!

How do I register? 

It's easy! And because we appreciate YOU, you get a free gift---> CLICK HERE

Those who register, between Wednesday, August 19th and Friday, September 4th, will receive a FREE thank-you gift of ten 90 minute workshops that were part of the 21 SECRETS Live! last year. Insightful conversations with notable artists like Jane Davenport, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Roben Marie Smith, and Kate Crane...


Enjoy some of my workshop sneak peeks (a lot of them are actual video stills). There will be a studio tour on how I organize my paints & pen, a flip-through of some of my beloved art journals, a demonstration on how to use gouache, and on and on..... Are you ready for this adventure?! I am! Please come & join me.

And if you're on instagram, I post a lot more behind-the-scenes!


Holly Scudero said...

Your beautiful art always makes my heart happy. <3

BusyB said...

I can't find your name listed on the contributors. What's up?

Gina Lee Kim said...

Thank you so much, Holly!

Hi BusyB, you can view the entire Fall 2015 instructor by clicking on the purple button 'See Workshop and Teachers' at the registration page or by clicking on the '21 Secrets' tab along Dirty Footprints' blog header, then selecting 'Teacher Directory'. I'm right there! Hope that helps :)

Zannie by the sea said...

your beautiful work inspired me to sign up for 21 Secrets...cant wait!!

Gina Lee Kim said...

Yay!!!! That's awesome Zannie by the sea :) I can't wait either!

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