Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Stephen! You're on the Front Cover!

 Four years ago, we got to hold your tiny fingers for the first time.

Since then, just look at all the lives you've touched....even store props!

We love you, Stephen.

We love the light that's you!


In the same week, we found out that Stephen made it on the front cover of a kids craft book! That's his hand touching a mixed-media bowl of lemons (bottom right). :)

In this collaborative collage, Stephen and I used watercolor, oil pastel, painted scraps of paper, transparency sheets, white marker, glue, and lots of giggles!

Get your copy of
500 Kids Art Ideas: Inspiring Projects for Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

congratulations with your beautiful son or as I say it in dutch;
Van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je zoon.

Greatings from Elizabeth. (your blog is great, and so your paintings are)

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