Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Love These Stamps by Rae Missigman

Something special came in the mail awhile back and I am so excited to reveal it today. The uber talented, Rae Missigman and Roben-Marie Smith, asked me to play with a stamp line (that Rae designed). I love them! 

I so appreciate how the stamps are ready to use.
Just peel off the backing and stick onto any acrylic block.

Here I'm making the initial background. It's how I play as well as intuitively think about the next step.

I have a saying:

I eat color for breakfast.
Texture for lunch.
Stencils for dinner.
And for dessert, gesso with a splattering of gold paint.

I got so carried away that I forgot to take step-by-step pictures. OK that's a lie.
Things got real muddy when I added charcoal grey-blue paint. I don't know what I was thinking and then things started to go south.

So I had to salvage what I could. These circles were the result of an art rescue mission! Lol

Not only is it possible to sew directly onto your art journal, but it's fun! You kinda have to wrestle with the binding and try not to say swear words. Here, I simply connected the dots with an easy straight-stitch and left some of the strings hanging.

God hides in the details.

Thanks for visiting!

If you're interested in purchasing these stamps, head on over to Roben-Marie's shop here.


Roben-Marie said...

Wow! This is so clever and I love it!! The colors and design is so unique! Thanks for joining us. :)

anna said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! LOL! "Pukey" colors eliminated obviously! :) Your watercoloring is so bright and happy.

Sandi Keene said...

This so beautiful! Love this!

Faygie Fellig said...

this is fabulous

Meda said...

I love your desk!

Rae Missigman said...

Love this Gina! I knew you would come up with something wonderful! So happy you joined in to play with my new stamp line! xo

Sue Marrazzo said...


Jess said...

I like your saying! :) Your work is so beautiful! Have a lovely weekend Gina.
Jess x

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