Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Self-Portrait Journey

When I was 4 years old, I was hit by a car. I have very little memory of that event. I do remember moments before the car hit me. I was crossing the street, trying to wave good-bye to my dad but he couldn't hear me. I remember waking up crying while an ER nurse was holding me; the trauma room was very cold. I remember waking up again but this time I couldn't see---both my eyes were wrapped-up tightly in gauze bandages. I could only listen to the TV. Sesame Street was on.

This is a self-portrait I did with crayons and watercolor. It was our first assignment in Brene Brown's Part 2 e-course. Not a lot of people know this but while growing up, I was self-conscious about by slightly crooked face (from the accident). If you look closely, I have two small stitches on both my cheeks. But that was so long ago. Today I feel so grateful for the scars on my face. It means I am ALIVE. 

I remind myself everyday how lucky I am. To be able to breathe, to see colors, to hug my husband, to hear my son ask me, "Hi Mommy! I want to paint, please?"


Below is one of my favorite journal pages (look familiar?). My comfort list hasn't changed much :).

Thanks for visiting. 


Kelly said...

Wow, I didn't know. What a traumatic experience for you, and for your father! I, too, and glad that you are alive :) We need to catch up! Much love on this Sunday morning....

Jess said...

It's so inspiring to hear your story Gina, thankyou for sharing. :)
Jess xx

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the portrait. It's very heartfelt and sweet. Beautiful work.

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