Thursday, November 28, 2013

Son, Moon, Stars...and a Turkey?

First and foremost, my son and I wanted to say:

Stephen was diligent in sorting out the craft supplies. We were thrilled to find proper goggly eyes for his turkey! And if you're coming over from The Sketchbook Challenge Blog, welcome back!!

So here's how I made my art journal page, inspired by November's theme "Moon and Stars":

 1)  Make a watercolor background of blues, reds and purple washes. I even used some of Stephen's scholastic glitter paint! Note: if you're unfamiliar on how to make initial background washes, go to my tutorial video (tab underneath blog header). 

2) While the paper is still damp, add sprinkles of salt and then splatter some rubbing alcohol. When you keep adding watercolor, especially different colors for the first coat, large pools of the watercolor start to co-mingle and the paper becomes really soggy. Gently siphon off excess puddles with tissue paper. Once dry, you'll get a celestial body that looks like this.

3) Take your page to the sewing machine and run a straight-stitch that mimics "constellation" lines. I used white thread. Make lots of random triangles. Have fun with this! 

4) Do a paint splatter of white gouache. Watch your page come alive with stars! 

5) Get your alphabet stamps out and use them to make a statement. I cut individual words then glued them onto the page.


Look! You've now got stars and a mooooooooooon. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Martina said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gina! Your watercolor is so beautiful - love it!

martinealison said...


Joyeuse Thanksgiving à vous avec de gros bisous.

Un billet rempli de douceur...

Roxanne said...

Just came across your blog from the sketchbook challenge. Love your art. Gotta try this moon and stars in my journal too.

Kelly said...

AW!! what a great thanksgiving turkey! xoxox

Rose said...

Thank you for sharing your process and creativity! You're words and painting inspire me!

jabbott said...

Beautiful watercolour you are one creative lady x

Beth Morey said...

How fun!

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