Monday, June 24, 2013

A Studio Tour (Part 1)

Hi there! Would you like a tour of my art studio? I took some pictures after major cleaning and de-cluttering. Please believe me: the rest of the house does not look this way. I am being terribly deceitful in not showing you the kitchen nor the other rooms right now. Haha!

With that said, welcome to my space---my sacred space. I wanted a beautiful, soulful, safe-haven where a woman can daydream and ponder her artist muse.

Ahhh, I love this desk hutch my husband gave me as a nursing graduation present. Purchased from Pottery Barn years ago, it has served and continues to serve me well. 

I am always organizing and rearranging my stuff. It's the OCD in me. I needed to have supplies accessible but kept tidy (or to quote one of my girlfriends, "Gina, this isn't just eye-candy. This is craft-porn!" LOL).

I needed to modify this room so I can share it with my 22-month old son. For it is his space as much as it is mommy's. Everything became possible after I moved my table out of the way and created a kiddie corner devoted to arts and crafts!

We still need to figure out how to protect the wall and floor somehow (with plastic sheeting? tarp?). We are renting this property and this tiny upstairs bedroom has carpet (gasp). We haven't painted with a paintbrush in here yet but will be soon. The most important step was to carve out a niche for Stephen where he was free to express himself and have kid-friendly, washable art supplies located in one spot.

There is color. There is joy. There is happiness here. Plus, enough room to dance (yes, both Boo and I have space to dance)!

This is an awesome table. It slides around easily and the top not only detaches for hidden storage, it converts to either a mini-train set or a lego station. Right now, Stephen is exploring mixed media with crayon and markers :).

Thanks for hopping on over!  
Stay tuned for tomorrow's part 2 grand reveal.


martinealison said...

Tout est impeccable !... Une véritable caverne d'Ali Baba cependant !
Gros bisous à vous.

Candace for the Arts said...

Love your space and thanks for sharing. You might try oil cloth on the wall. Buy by the yard at fabric store. You could put up with staple gun. Then use wood trim to cover edge. Happy painting with your little one. There are no mistakes in art only happy accidents. Candace

Laura Silva said...

Hi! I am a contributor at Craft Storage Ideas ( I would love to feature your craft room on our site. We will use some of the photos in your post and link back to your blog in the post, highlighting our favorite parts of your room. I couldn't find an email address for you. Please let me know if this would be okay! Thank you! Laura

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