Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy (Complicated) Mother's Day. You Are Loved.

Dear Friends,

I realize today I stand with so many survivors on a sensitive subject: Mother’s Day. I lost my mother in a car accident when I was ten years old. It was one of the loneliest and painful periods of my life. And to make things complicated, my mom was not a very warm or nurturing person (which makes me compassionately curious to ask how her childhood was...probably loveless and very difficult). 

Mother’s Day has definitely been a trigger-word/phrase for me for many years because my household was nothing like those Hallmark commercials. Over time, I was able to flip the inner narrative to start healing and save my own life. I have used art to help me—as a healing practice & meditative choice—not to eradicate pain but to live at peace with loss and to coexist with the idea of a positive relationship I never had. 

 For whatever reason, if Mother’s Day is a bittersweet holiday for you and you’re hurting, please know you are not alone. I see you. And hold you in tenderness and in hope and in comforting thoughts. 

You are loved.
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