Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year and Happy Stamping with Watercolor!

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I want to thank ArtistsNetwork & prooducer/writer Amy Jones for featuring me in their blog post today.

Enjoy an excerpt from one of my art videos, Fun with Watercolor: Printing Effects, where I share a unique watercolor "ink" formulation of gum arabic, dish soap, and gouache that can turn any tube of watercolor into a versatile stamping medium. 

(click on image to preview my dvds/video downloads)

Happy 2017! May you have a joyful, happy, healthy, and blessed new year.


WoodSong said...

Heading to artistnetwork tv to watch this right now. I am hooked on your tutorials, so much fun to watch. Happy new year! :)

huyen thu said...

Thank for share

Anonymous said...

Hello Gina - I've recently viewed your DVD Watercolor - Texture Effects.....GREAT VIDEO and you're such a positive and encouraging teacher.....THANK YOU. My question is this, where did you purchase the foil used in making the packing tape "trees" and what kind of foil did you use? Thanks for answering this question for me.
Angela G.

P.S. - my local library will be purchasing 3 more of your Art Videos!! Whoo-hoo - can't wait to watch those! Thank you for sharing your creative gifts.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Thank you everyone and what a nice thing to say 'Anonymous'. The foil I used can be be found at your local Hobby Lobby, Micheals or online such as,, or They are made by Thermoweb. Just search using key words: foil sheets. Hope that helps! Take care.

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