Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Enjoy My Blooper Video!

Gag reels and bloopers are the stuff of life! :) A huge thanks to the awesome team at!

All 4 DVDs are 15% off at the moment!

Amy Jones, video and instructional producer at F+W Media, wrote such a nice article today about my video series (with additional behind-the-scenes look). 


Margie said...

Hi Gina - Loved the blooper video! Your style is beautiful & I cannot wait to create journal pages from one of your new videos. What can you tell me about the apron you wore in the videos? I'm looking for an apron that looks good and this may be "the one".

Anonymous said...

When I first discovered you on artist tv, you seemed so down to earth and real.. now after following you on Isra gram it's so blatantly obvious that you are shallow and narcissistic, pretty much like most "artists" that can't handle attention- your posts bragging on your supplies, your house, your rooms, etc etc have already turned me off any future interest in anything you may have to share artwise . You folks just don't do humble well

Hai NGuyen said...

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