Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yay! Enjoy My 2015 Art Lesson Promo!

I hope you enjoy this video about my 2015 Art Lessons....with all my quirkiness and bad puns!!!

ART LESSONS with Gina Lee Kim (PROMO)

My downloadable tutorials are in partnership with Cloth Paper Scissors/Interweave. From January to April 2015, Interweave will let me know when each art lesson will become available. I will post them here as soon as they're released to the public.

The first lesson is out! You can always click on an art lesson cover, to go directly to the store.

(click image above)

Learn important watercolor skills like glazing and creating a variegated wash. My methodical approach yields clean, beautiful colors, which then becomes the perfect stage for mixed-media, like glass bead gel and foil and marker pens and sewing and on and on.

Each class builds upon one another. The exact title of each Art Lesson may change but as far as the step-by-step instructions go, the following describes the technique I'll be exploring within that color:

January, Volume 1 REDS: "Coffee Break Still-life"
February, Volume 2 BLUES: "Evening Sky Sailboat"
March, Volume 3 GREENS: "Birch Tree Forest"
April, Volume 4 YELLOWS: "Happy Pets/Animals"

If you've paid for the class, please join our Facebook group
(search "Art Lessons with Gina Lee Kim"). I check-in several times a day to support my students. It's a place to connect, ask questions, share our work, and stay motivated. I also post pictures of my studio, talk about art supplies, the creative process, and much more.

I'm so thankful for your support!

By downloading my class(es), you are endorsing an artist who lives by high standards. I only want to deliver the best in quality; art that's taught in a delightful and fun way. Plus, with these prices set by Cloth Paper Scissors, it's truly a phenomenal offering!

As always, thanks for visiting!


Teresa said...

Gina, what type of lights are those? Interested in the two big ones that come from the sides. They look like they provide a lot of lot of light but wondering how hot they are ....

Laura said...

Hi Gina! I found you through Alisa's blog. Congratulations on your feature! I knew your artwork looked familiar as I have some of the Somerset Studios and cloth paper scissors that you're published in. I am a fellow artist who lives north of Chicago. I am also a high school art teacher and I'd love to talk with you about visiting the school to show my students what you do.

Cindy Borcherding said...

It's February.. where is the BLUE lesson?? :)

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