Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm Published in Somerset Studio's Art Journaling!

Wow! Make that a double wow this week! Thank you Stampington & Co. for featuring me in your Winter 2015 Art Journaling magazine! I feel so blessed. 

(here's an excerpt) 

Taking Small Steps
by Gina lee Kim 

As a watercolor artist and a mom, people often ask how I find the time to make art. There’s never enough time really, but somehow—even if all I have is 15 minutes a day—I make it work. A part of me would love to paint a marathon session in the studio. But in reality, life takes small steps. That is how this art journal was made. Color, texture, and words came together on each page, not overnight, but in small increments as a daily art practice. »

Art journaling is a creative practice that teaches many things, like letting go of any guilt for taking time for myself. Making art isn’t being selfish; it’s part of good self-care. If I pursue the things that nourish my soul, I know I’m sending a profound message, especially to my son — that it’s never a waste of time to seek beauty, find meaning in my work, or to believe in my dreams. A journal finished in small steps can be a beautiful, life-affirming journey. »


At local newstands now...

 You can preview the table of contents &/or purchase this issue here.


Happy New Year!


Sunny Lee said...

Congratulations ~ :)
Your paintings are beautiful :)
Happy New Year~

Anne Gaal said...

Congratulations, Gina! Wooo-hooo! ♥

Gina Lee Kim said...

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it :)

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