Friday, March 7, 2014

The Friendship Tree

The Friendship Tree
by Louisa Garcia

Hello my dear friend out to enjoy the day.
The sun and moon have come out to play,
With colors that dance and sing in tune.
Please tell your mom I want to play soon.

Let's climb and discover
And hide under cover.
Let's always return here 
To starlight and sun.
Remembering the song 
of sweet birds and of fun.

My friend, I see that your heart has a smile
Do you mind if I share in your joy for a while?
We can sit in the shade, 
That this gentle tree made. 
I seek your warm hugs, 
Let's search for weird bugs!

Let's dance in a circle of giggles,
And raise our hands in wistful wiggles.
Let's invite all the animals and their babies, too.
Let's drink the raindrops and paint with the dew.

My friend, can't you see?
Our heart is this tree.
It is warmth and love.
A gift from above. 

Together we can be silly, 
With crowns made of earth,
Swirling the sky in our dreams,
Letting laughter give birth.

When it's time to say good-bye,
Into our hearts the memories fly.
The journey of friendship never ends.
It merely twists and grows and bends. 

And oh, how we give thanks to thee.
Our beautiful, beloved, friendship tree.


Below is the transformation of a painting. 

First, a vibrant background. It's abstract at its best when you're having fun with watercolor.

Celestial bodies began to form and then I collaged a tree cut from brown scrapbook paper.

Hello Mr. Fox. Hello Mrs. Squirrel.

Next, I punched out leaves on paint-splattered paper and glued them onto the tree.

Thank you for visiting, dear bloggers!

p.s. All my love to Louisa--one of the sweetest, loveliest, and most-talented friends I know.


Jess said...

I love your watercolour background, the colours you use are delicious! A lovely sweet painting Gina. :)
Jess xx

Elisabetta Brustio said...

meraviglioso! adoro come riesci ad abbinare tecniche diverse (acquerelli, collage e cucito) in un modo così armonioso: realizzi una magia!Brava! Tornerò a dare una sbirciatina tra le tue pagine ogni tanto!

wonderful! I love how you're able to combine different techniques (watercolor, collage and sewing) in a manner so harmonious: you realize a spell! Brava! I'll be back to take a peek into your pages!

sara j said...

Gina - your work is so full of life and wonderful color...after a couple of years playing with mixed media your backgrounds and beginning process are similar to what I've been pursing your finished pieces are a total inspiration. I love DLP on so many levels, most of all the folks who are playing. Hope you have a fabulous day.

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