Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop Starts Monday

The Sketchbook Challenge (TSC) blog hop is about to begin! 

Starting this Monday, September 9, 2013, you'll find a new post on TSC blog related to this month's theme, "Houses and Hideaways". And for the next 21 days, this is how TSC team is celebrating this month's theme.

Here's my project sneak peak!

 Give a mixed media artist some watercolor, washi tape & scissors, and watch out!

Daily posts at the TSC blog will include a link to the artist's blog where you can find more tutorials, videos, studio tours, exciting giveaways and more! Take a look at the line-up of artists below and visit TSC blog to get inspired! 

I'm a little nervous because guess who's the first one to go!

Sept 9   Gina Lee Kim
Sept 10 Jacqueline Newbold 
Sept 11 Sue Bleiweiss  
Sept 12 Jackie Bowcutt
Sept 13 Kristin La Flamme  
Sept 15 Lyric Kinard
Sept 17 Carol Sloan 
Sept 18 Leslie Tucker Jenison  
Sept 19 Lesley Riley  
Sept 20 Traci Bunkers  
Sept 22 Desiree Habicht
Sept 23 Jamie Fingal  
Sept 24 Mary Beth Shaw 
Sept 25 Kari McKnight-Holbrook  
Sept 26 Deborah Boschert  
Sept 27 Susan Brubaker Knapp  
Sept 28 Laura Cater Woods  
Sept 29 Jane LaFazio   


Janet O'Connor said...

Hi Gina, don't be nervous everything is going to be wonderful! Your work is so colorful and special. I love it.
I'm traveling on Monday, but I know I'll be able to check in at some point to see what you have to offer.

jabbott said...

I agree your brill at what you do x

jabbott said...

You will be fine, your work is beautiful.just do what you do best x

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