Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing Mitzy: A Mixed-media Painting

When Mitsy (my mother-in-law's dog) passed away, I made this collage-painting as a loving tribute to a special member of the family. She was the happiest dachshund I've ever met.

She loved being on your lap and never stopped licking your hands! Her fur, which was incredibly soft and smooth, had rich tones of sienna brown and hints of golden ocher.

I sewed together some random pieces of Japanese vintage paper. 

Then, I cut out a square. This would later become the "quilted" background.

I used Ranger's Sticky-back Canvas and painted Mitzy's features using acrylic paint, one layer at a time.

Finally, I adhered everything with a generous coat of gel medium onto canvas.


RIP, Mitsy. You will be forever loved. 


Jess said...

Beautiful! I love the inventive background idea, so clever! You mother-in-law must be so touched by this wonderful gift and tribute.xx

Martina said...

She's beautifil Gina! We had a Dachshund when i was a kid, and i still miss him!

Kelly Warren said...

Oh, this is so sweet!!! I grew up with Dachsunds. "my" first dog was a black and tan that I named Samantha (my favorite character on Bewitched). I got her when I was four years old and she went to college with me! She died my junior year of college at 17. Then I got a little tan mini I named Boca after my favorite place on earth, Boca Grande. She lived to be 15. Now I have to large rescued mutts! :-)

Sunny Lee said...

How Lovely, with special meaning behind, it's more lovely~!!

Hovawart said...

Mitzi looks like my beloved dog of my childhood. What a wonderful painting.

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